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Toxvn of Dover,. <br />126 East Dtutcan Hill Road Office of the Land Use Coordinator <br />Dover Plauis, NY 12522 (845) 532-6111 ext 100 <br />too, <br />October 22, 2013 <br />Notes post Olivet Site Walk <br />Present: Tony Chiu, Paul Palmer, Jaime Leinert, Martin Rebro, Ezra, Mike Segelken &Betty -Ann <br />Sherer <br />Gates: <br />New Qates were installed at the Wheeler Road Location <br />There was a discussion about building 4' stone wells on the front and back of the gate to hide the <br />mechanics and create a pocket for the gate. <br />Stone wall pockets are riot permitted at this time these "structures " hill require site plan <br />approval <br />Property owners are permitted to canior ffage the mechanics with landscaping at this time <br />Gate located at property line south end of Hutchinson Avenue has been installed and beim <br />removed- gate is adequate at this time <br />Lock is to be revised in order to provide fire company access (discussed pin/ lock system to <br />insure Fire Access) <br />Gate to be located at property line North end of Hutchinson Avenue has not been installed at this <br />time. <br />Gate locations have been approved as appropriate in all locations, it was agreed Knox Boxes are <br />to be installed at each gate location <br />Gate details have been provided to the CEO <br />Church walkway: <br />Concrete at main enhance has been broken and removed <br />Replacement of concrete walk way is to remain in the same footprint as what had existed, paving <br />blocks will be installed up to main entrance doors <br />NO NEW AREAS OF SIDE TvALKARE TO BE REMOVED OR REPLACED AT THIS TIME <br />Due to safeth conceals this area of work has permission to be completed <br />All Exits lights must work, and have fire extinguishers must be in place, all exit doors must be <br />unobstructed and unlocked when the building is open <br />Bridge over culvert near Ball Field: <br />Permit for "deck/bridge" received bridge installed due to safety issue <br />Measures 21' X 11'6" <br />Opening ate steps is 5'51/2" and grip rail to be installed on inside rail of steps <br />Railings are currently 37" and ninst be increased to 42" high <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />