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RENNIA ENGINEERING DESIGN, PLC <br />CIVIL & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING <br />6 Dover Village Plaza, Suite 5, P.O. Box 400, Dover Plains, NY 12522 <br />Tel: (845) 877-0555 Fax: (845) 877-0556 <br />October 28, 2013 <br />Town of Dover Planning Board <br />126 East Duncan Hill Road <br />Dover Plains, NY 12522 <br />Attn: Mr. David Wylock <br />Re: Olivet Center Site Restoration <br />Erosion and Sediment Control Application <br />Tax Map #: 132600-7159-00-162702 <br />Dear Mr. Wylock, <br />The purpose of this letter is to submit an application for an Erosion and Sediment Control <br />Permit in accordance with Town Code Chapter 65 for the project noted above. This project <br />includes the restoration of an approximately 18 acres of the site. <br />This restoration includes an area where three (3) former structures were previously <br />demolished. The debris has been removed and the area is being converted to lawn area. In <br />addition to restoring the former building and lawn areas, this project will also restore a baseball <br />field to a safe, level and properly drained area and restore another former ball field area east of <br />the main baseball field to accommodate a soccer field as well as two (2) basketball courts and <br />two (2) tennis courts. <br />Please note that we have recently reviewed the project with the Town Code Enforcement <br />Officer, the Town Engineer and the Owner's representative and this office has now completed <br />the necessary Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for the site. <br />Please find the following items attached for your review: <br />• Three (3) copies of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, dated October 28, 2013. <br />• Twelve (12) copies of the Erosion & Sediment Control Permit Application. <br />• Twelve (12) copies of the Short Environmental Assessment Form (EAF). <br />• Twelve (12) copies of the Erosion & Sediment Control Plan (4 full sized 8 reduced size). <br />Please contact me with any questions at (845) 877-0555. <br />Sincerely, <br />Richard Rennia, Jr., P.E. <br />Principal <br />CC: Mr. Michael Segelken, CEO 2 9 2013 <br />Kathleen Schibanoff <br />