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APPLICATION NUMBER: <br />TOWN OF DOVER <br />DUTCHESS COUNTY, NEW YORK <br />LAND USE PERMIT APPLICATION <br />Grid Number: 132600-7159-00-162702 <br />TYPE OF APPLICATION (check all that apply): <br />O Zoning Permit <br />O Site Plan Approval <br />Project Name: Olivet Center Site Restoration <br />Property Address: 207 Hutchinson Avenue <br />Wingdale, NY 12594 <br />Primary Contact Person: Richard Rennia, Jr. <br />Rennia Engineering Design, PLLC <br />Address: PO Box 400, Dover Plains, NY 12522 <br />Telephone Number: (845) 877-0555 <br />E-mail: rich(a) <br />Fax: (845) 877-0556 <br />Name of Property Owner: <br />Olivet Management, LLC <br />Address: 73 Wheeler Road <br />Wingdale, NY 12594 <br />Telephone Number: (845)-832-3200 <br />Name of Applicant (if different): <br />Address: <br />Telephone Number: <br />E-mail: <br />Relationship of Applicant to Owner <br />(e.g., contract vendee, option holder, lessee): <br />Plans Prepared By: <br />Name: Rennia Enaineerina Desian. PLLC <br />Address: PO Box 400 <br />Dover Plains, NY 12522 <br />Telephone Number: (845) 877-0555 <br />E-mail: rich <br />Fax: (845) 877-0556 <br />ver.03106 bas <br />O Special Permit <br />O Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit <br />Property Information <br />Land Use District: HR, HM, RU, CO <br />Overlay Districts (if any): AQ, MC <br />Lot Area: 503 ac <br />Current Use (s): Hospital Complex <br />Proposed Use (s): Education Center Complex <br />Number of Residential Dwelling Units: <br />Current NA proposed NA <br />Total Impervious Surface: <br />Current NA proposed NA <br />Footprint Area of Largest Structure(s): <br />Current NA proposed NA <br />Total Floor Space: <br />Current NA proposed NA <br />Parking spaces: <br />Current NA proposed NA <br />Type of Activity (check all that apply): <br />O New Use <br />O Erection of Structure <br />O Movement of Structure <br />O Expansion of Use or Structure <br />O Change of Use in Existing Structure <br />O Resumption of Former Use <br />O Sign <br />O other (specify) Restoration of demolished <br />building area and site grading and soil <br />stabilization. <br />NOTE: Approval of this application by the Planning Board, <br />ZBA, or Town Board does not constituted permission to <br />construct, which must be obtained from the Code <br />enforcement Officer <br />