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D srgTFs <br />Z <br />W <br />0 Q <br />a <br />News Release q�PRo��G.° <br />Region 2 - New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin <br />Islands <br />EPA Orders Company to Stop Removing Asbestos at the <br />Former Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center in Dutchess County, NY <br />Contact: Elias Rodriguez, (212) 637-3664, rod rig <br />(New York, N.Y. — Jan. 7, 2014) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered <br />Olivet Management LLC to stop all work that could disturb asbestos at its facility, The <br />Olivet Center, in Dover, New York. Buildings at the former Harlem Valley Psychiatric <br />Center are being renovated for future use as a research institution and information <br />technology hub by Olivet University. Olivet Management did not notify the EPA about the <br />asbestos work and did not handle or dispose of asbestos -containing materials properly <br />during the renovations, as required by law. <br />Asbestos was once used in insulation and other building materials. The inhalation of <br />asbestos fibers can lead to cancer and asbestosis, a serious respiratory disease. The <br />removal of asbestos -containing materials during demolition requires strict adherence to <br />procedures outlined in the Clean Air Act to protect public health. <br />"Asbestos can cause serious health problems and must be handled properly to protect <br />people's health," said Judith A. Enck, EPA Regional Administrator. "By stopping work at <br />The Olivet Center, EPA has taken action to protect the health of workers at the site and <br />nearby residents." <br />Federal regulations require property owners or operators to notify the EPA before the <br />demolition or renovation of buildings that could contain a certain amount of asbestos. <br />Demolition and renovation work involving asbestos must be done carefully. Before <br />demolition and construction activities can begin, inspections must be conducted to <br />identify the presence of asbestos and materials that may pose a threat to the health of 1 <br />