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KipYork State Department of Environmental Conservation <br />Division of Environmental Permits, Region 3 <br />21 South Putt Corners Road, New Paltz, New York 12561-1620 <br />Phone: (845) 256-3054 - FAX: (845) 255-4659 <br />Website: <br />December 9, 2013 <br />David Wylock <br />Town of Dover Planning Board <br />Town of Dover <br />126 East Duncan Hill Road <br />Am <br />10how <br />Joe Martens <br />Commissioner <br />E r_ <br />D EC 1 0 2013 <br />Dover Plains, NY 12522 <br />RE: SEQR Review: 207 Hutchinson Avenue - Olivet Center Site Restoration Erosion Contras~-- <br />Proj ect ID: 4915 <br />Town of Dover, Dutchess County <br />Dear Mr. Wylock: <br />We have reviewed the SEQR lead agency coordination request for the above referenced project which our of'ficc <br />received on November 18, 2013. <br />LEAD AGENCY DESIGNATION <br />The Department has no objection to the Town of Dover Planning Board assuming lead agency status for this project. <br />Your Response to Request form is attached. <br />DEPARTMENT JURISDICTION <br />Protection of Waters <br />The following stream is located within or near the site you indicated: <br />Name Class DEC Water Index Number Status <br />Swamp River tributary [ C ] Conn. 15-4-6 [Non -protected] <br />❑x A Protection of Waters permit is required to physically disturb the bed or banks (up to 50 feet from stream) oi' anti <br />streams identified above as "protected." A permit is not required to disturb the bed or banks of "non -protected" <br />streams. <br />If a permit is not required, please note: the project sponsor is still responsible for ensuring that work shall not <br />any stream or waterbody. Care shall be taken to stabilize any disturbed areas promptly after construction, and a 1' <br />necessary precautions shall be taken to prevent contamination of the stream or waterbody by silt, sediment, f icis, <br />solvents, lubricants, or any other pollutant associated with the project. <br />Freshwater Wetlands <br />El The project/site is not within a New York State protected Freshwater Wetland. However, please contact the <br />United States Army Corps of Engineers in New York City, telephone (917) 790-8411, for any permitting they might <br />require. <br />State -listed Species <br />El DEC has reviewed the State's Master Habitat Databank (MHDB) records. We have determined that the site is <br />located near records of the following state -listed species: Indiana bat (Endangered). <br />If the grubbing phase of this project will involve the removal of any trees greater than 4 inches diameter at breast <br />height, then additional evaluation of the potential impacts to Indiana bat may be required. For further information <br />contact Lisa Masi of Wildlife at (845) 256-2257. <br />-OVER PLEASE - <br />