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2012_03_12—Circulation— DEC, NYS OPRHP, NYS .DOT, DC DOH, DUFSD, TOD Hwy, TOD TB, JHK <br />Due: October , 2015 <br />Town of Dover Planning Board <br />Town of Dovera ' << <br />126 East Duncan Hill Road <br />Dover Plains, NY 12522 (845) 832-6111 ext 100 <br />�;or <br />Proposed Lead Agency: Dover Planning Board <br />Name of Action/Project: Olivet Center Phase 1 <br />Name of Applicant: Olivet Management LLC, Property Owner <br />RESPONSE TO REQUEST THAT THE ABOVE NAMED AGENCY <br />SERVE AS LEAD AGENCY REGARDING THE ABOVE ACTION <br />On behalf of I �� tl (involved agency), I acknowledge receipt of <br />the lead agency notice in this matter. <br />The above named involved agency hereby: (Please check one) <br />CONSENTSthat the above named agency serve as lead agency in this application, and <br />requests that the undersigned continue to be notified of SEQR determinations, <br />proceedings and hearings in this matter. <br />KEnclosed you will find a letter of comment <br />() DOES NOTCONSENTto the above named agency serving as lead agency in this <br />application and wishes that serve as lead agency. <br />To contest lead agency designation, the undersigned intends to follow the procedures <br />outlined in 6 NYCRR 617.6 (e). <br />() TAKES NO POSTTIONon lead agency designation.. <br />Date Signature <br />Agency Name Printed <br />Please return to: <br />Town of Dover Planning Board <br />126 East Duncan Hill Road <br />Dover, NY 12522 <br />Landuse raTownofDoverNY.US <br />r <br />i< OCT 2, 6 2015 <br />