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<br /> <br /> <br /> December 29, 2016 <br /> <br />Re: Dover Solar, LLC <br /> 2250-2380 Route 22 <br /> Dover Plains, New York 12522 <br /> SEQR Application <br /> <br /> <br />Cypress Creek Renewables, LLC (CCR) contracted TRC, Inc. (TRC) to perform field investigations, <br />literature reviews, and agency consultations to identify and assess existing environmental conditions <br />at the Dover Solar, LLC (formerly Cricket Hill Solar) site (Project). Studies were performed on <br />approximately 62 acres of land under consideration for development of the Project. Information <br />derived from these investigations was used by CCR to avoid and minimize affects to sensitive <br />resources during the design process and supplement information presented in the Full <br />Environmental Assessment Form included with the SEQRA Application. As a result, CCR reduced <br />the area under consideration for development to approximately 20 acres. While diligence efforts have <br />been initiated for the Project, concurrences from state and federal agencies are pending. CCR will <br />continue to submit supplemental documentation associated with agency consultations, once <br />received. <br /> <br />Please see the following attachments: <br />• USFWS Concurrence – TRC completed the New York’s Field Office’s online project review <br />process and submitted a project review package to the USFWS. USFWS concurrence dated <br />October 27, 2016 confirms effects to federal-listed species will not occur and further <br />coordination is not required. <br />• NYNHP Database Results – TRC requested information on the presence of state-listed <br />threatened and endangered species as well as critical habitat. A response from NYNHP <br />dated October 04, 2016 indicates the presence of state-listed plants, animals, rare natural <br />community, and significant community in the vicinity of the Project. TRC will initiate <br />consultation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) <br />to assess potential effects to these resources. <br /> <br />Supplemental Information to be submitted, once available: <br />• SHPO Project Review – TRC initiated consultation with SHPO on August 30, 2016 using <br />the Cultural Resource Information System (CRIS) to request a project review in pursuit of <br />recommendations requiring additional Archaeological or Historical Resources studies or a <br />determination that no additional studies are required. SHPO requested additional <br />information on the proposed location of the array to evaluate historic significance. TRC will <br />perform a Phase IA assessment for the Project and submit findings to SHPO for review. <br />• Wetland Delineation Report – TRC performed a wetlands delineation on July 18, 2016 at <br />the Project. It is CCR’s intent to request a Jurisdictional Determination from the USACE to <br />verify wetland boundaries and jurisdictional status of resources documented onsite. <br /> <br />3250 OCEAN PARK BLVD. SUITE 355 SANTA MONICA, CA 90405 | 310.581.6299 | CCRENEW.COM