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Harlem Valley Homestead — SEQR Environmental Assessment Narrative <br />SEQR EA Narrative.doc 1 Insite Engineering, Surveying & Landscape Architecture, P.C. <br />1.0 INTRODUCTION <br />This Project Narrative was prepared on behalf of Harlem Valley Homestead (the “Applicant” or <br />“HVH”) relative to the 247.99 acres of real property consisting of 5 tax lots bearing identification numbers <br />of 7260-00-062777 (60.3 acres), 7260-00-123597 (100 acres), 7260-00-981478 11.44 acres), 7260-00- <br />089448 (75.08 acres), and 7260-00-167790 (1.17 acres), owned by Anra’s Nest LLC and Nonno’s <br />Garden LLC, located on both sides of Old Forge Road in the Town of Dover, NY, and classified in the <br />Rural (“RU”) zoning district to the west of Old Forge Road and the Resource Conservation (“RC”) zoning <br />district to the east of Old Forge Road (the “Premises”). <br />The Applicant/HVH seeks to augment the existing Farm Operation and Agriculture uses on the <br />Premises in Dutchess County Agricultural District No. 23 through the development of a Country Inn and <br />Conference Center in accordance with the Special Permit Criteria set forth in Section 145-52.2 of the <br />Town of Dover Zoning Law (“Zoning Law”), the Site Plans standard enunciated in Zoning Law Section <br />145-65, and the Resubdivision provisions in Section 125-5 of the Town of Dover Subdivision Regulations <br />(“Subdivision Regulations”). The proposed Country Inn and Conference Center project will entail the <br />construction of 48 guest units, associated hospitality buildings, recreational areas, and common <br />infrastructure, including central/public water supplied by proposed on-site wells, on-site subsurface <br />sewage treatment by septic, stormwater management best management practices, roadways, and <br />parking areas. <br />2.0 EXISTING CONDITIONS <br /> The site is situated in a valley that is bounded on the North and West by the Ten Mile River, and <br />Deuel Hollow Brook running along the Southern edge of the site. To the east sit two large hills with vast <br />stands of both deciduous and evergreen forests. The site is accessed via Old Forge Road which <br />connects to New York State Route 55 south of the project area. <br /> Currently, the overall Site contains approximately 3.7 acres of paved/developed areas that <br />includes gravel work yards, driveways, buildings, and Old Forge Road (down to the intersection of Route <br />55). The remainder of the Site is primarily forest, meadow, pasture, and gardens. The site contains a <br />farmhouse with a series of out-buildings used for agricultural activities, many of which are proposed to <br />remain but undergo renovations to make them more suitable for future use. The existing character of the <br />site will be preserved to remain consistent with the pastoral nature of the surrounding area. See Figure 1 <br />for existing conditions for the overall site.