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09_18_19_Wingdale Materials Public Hearing[Icon] 2 MunicityLandUse
2019_08_27_DEC Application_Mining Proposal_Notice of Completion of Application[Icon] 2 MunicityLandUse
2019_08_27_DEC Correspondence to Town_[Icon] 2 MunicityLandUse
2019_08_28_Wingdale Materials Transmittal Letter_[Icon] 1 MunicityLandUse
2019_09_05_DEC_Wingdale Materials LLC_Surface Mining Application_Ltr to O'Malley Requesting Extension[Icon] 1 MunicityLandUse
2019_10_09_PB_Response Letter to O'Malley of DEC_No Further Comment[Icon] 2 MunicityLandUse
2019_10_25_PB_Wingdale Materials LLC_ESC Permit Appl_Mine Access Road_Cover Letter[Icon] 2 MunicityLandUse
2019_11_20_PB_Wingdale Materials LLC_239m Referral_DCPD_ESC Permit and Access Road Plan[Icon] 1 MunicityLandUse
2019_11_8 Wingdale Materials Final Environmental Impact Statement[Icon] 201
2020_01_08_DEC_3-1326-00049_00014 _00026 ‎(ML WQ)‎ SEQR FINDINGS STATEMENT - WINGDALE MATERIALS LLC - DOVER - DUTCHESS COUNTY[Icon] 19 MunicityLandUse
2020_01_08_DEC_3-1326-00049_00014 ‎(ML)‎ MINE ID 30061 PERMIT MOD - WINGDALE MATERIALS LLC - DOVER - DUTCHESS COUNTY[Icon] 12 MunicityLandUse
2020_01_08_DEC_3-1326-00049_00026 ‎(WQ)‎ PERMIT MOD - WINGDALE MATERIALS LLC - DOVER - DUTCHESS COUNTY[Icon] 8 MunicityLandUse
Cover letter for Wingdale Wetland Mitigation Permit[Icon] 2 MunicityLandUse
Dover Erosion and Sediment Control Applicationb[Icon] 11 MunicityLandUse
TES Phase I Wetland Mitigation and Monitoring Plan ‎(Last Revised May 2018)‎[Icon] 135 MunicityLandUse
Wingdale DEIS Appendix A - Continental Placer Inc. Mine Plan Maps[Icon] 3 MunicityLandUse
Wingdale DEIS Appendix B - Dutchess County Precip Data[Icon] 6 MunicityLandUse
Wingdale DEIS Appendix C - USACOE Correspondence & Reports[Icon] 539 MunicityLandUse
Wingdale DEIS Appendix D -Well Logs, Hydrogeologic Evauluation, Raw Hydro logger Data[Icon] 1347 MunicityLandUse
Wingdale DEIS Appendix E - Terestrial Environmental Specialists Inc. Reports[Icon] 610 MunicityLandUse
Wingdale DEIS Appendix F - Threatened and Endangered Species Assesment[Icon] 122 MunicityLandUse
Wingdale DEIS Appendix G - Noise Assessment Report & Noise Assessment Addendum[Icon] 145 MunicityLandUse
Wingdale DEIS Appendix H - Production Blast Information[Icon] 240 MunicityLandUse
Wingdale DEIS Appendix I - Blasting Impact Analysis[Icon] 44 MunicityLandUse
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